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Castor Optics is an R&D focused company such that we have the flexibility and capabilities required to tackle a wide range of custom projects. Herein, we showcase some of these projects and resulting custom products.


Please feel free to reach out to us, our team of researchers and engineers might have a fibered solution to your optical problem!

3x3 "smiley" coupler

Here, we show a combiner consisting in a half coupler made of three fibers; two single-mode fibers and a multimode fiber. It is possible to create the "smiley" structure by fusing the fibers and sectioning the coupler in the center of the fused region. Proximally to the fused region, the coupler preserves the three distinct ports enabling each fiber to act as an independent illumination and/or detection channel. Such structure has a wide variety of applications, notably for opto-genetics.


This video shows the output of the structure with varying level of injection light intensity. 

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